Day 253

I got sick, From eating my emotions. It exploded across the sheets. I made this bed, So I guess I’ll sleep. Held down by all these ties. Loyally unable to pledge allegiance to myself. Advertisements

Day 251:

I am tearing at my face again. Frustration makes the foundation of my mind. Time suppresses me and ticks away purposeless. I won’t stay here. As I weave my web of lies I wonder how I’ll escape. The moralities of convenience eat away at me. I wish I could I be away from all this. … More Day 251:

Day 250: Dancing

In any one instance I am perfectly still, perfectly unfeeling, perfectly non existent. Life is movement, nothing more than a state of change. Maybe that’s why we love to dance. Something that holds all our being but lacks any trace of autobiography. When I dance I feel the lines fuzz between myself and the world … More Day 250: Dancing

Day 248:

The clenching of fists. The gnashing of teeth. My voice is long dead, I am afraid I can’t speak. You are against me, our bodies laid bare. A hand on my back. Your grip on my hair. A sigh and a moan. The subtle surprise. To feel something pressing between both my thigh I smile … More Day 248: