Day 206: Change

My stomach in knots, My thoughts run wild. I feel like a woman, But still like a child. I feel like a warrior, Yet still so afraid. Like I am on the edge of some momentous change.

Day 205: Crazy

It’s crazy, Fermented insanity, With just a dash of left over profanity. Crazy, Energized and alive. Not quite sure in what direction I should strive. It’s amazing, Sometimes I feel like I am wasting so much time. It’s crazy.

Day 203: why? Pt 2

Why? I get up and sometimes I don’t. Instead lying staring at a closed window or the insides of my eyelids. Searching their darkness for peace. Searching there depths to once again sleep. Why? I am out of bed before I have woken, Sleep was like the winding of a spring, I come leaping, hoping, … More Day 203: why? Pt 2